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Wonderful stories of past friends who have gone on to better lives in loving homes.

Pitt Bull Misconceptions, Successes, and Links

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Downtown Girls

Downtown Girls
The Downtown Girls

The Downtown Girls have both been adopted into wonderful new homes... their second chance at a beautiful new life has started. The little girl that's white with the black spots was adopted by an amazing couple that had previously adopted an adult rescued dog.

Bonnie & Ginger
Ginger & Bonnie

These two look like mother and daughter and have already bonded as you can see. Our other Downtown Girl that's black with the white spots got adopted by a fantastic lady that also had previously adopted a rescued adult dog. These are those priceless photos that tell the story of our rescued animals. Our little girls have come a long way from the vacant lot where they were abandoned in downtown Los Angeles.

Downtown Girls  Lexi & Joey  Downtown Girls
Lexi & Zoey


Carrington was dumped... he is a declawed cat. This means he cannot defend himself outside. He, along with two other declawed cats, had been put outside. His owners just moved away. A very concerned lady called Friends for Animals and we took them in. Carrington had to be shaved on both sides because of matting and other problems.


Lucy and SondraLucy

Sondra and Lucy, A very special black Lab that came into Sondra’s life when she was doing volunteer work…  "I walked Lucy for two years while she was in a no-kill shelter". When I stopped the volunteer work, I thought about her everyday, and then a friend of mine told me that she looked like she was losing weight. I went to see her and she didn’t look good and in fact, had lost weight. I took her to the vet and it turned out she had a bladder infection and had a Hypo- Thyroid problem. My friend Barbara Jones offered to foster her while we got her back in good health. This was several months ago, and Lucy has gained her weight back and is on medication for her Thyroid. She loves to run lose in the doggie park and she will continue to live with Barbara unless we find her a wonderful home. - Sondra


Mary beforeMary afterMary

This is a Jindo dog, her name is Mary and she was found running in traffic, very dirty and so thin. It appeared that she had been on the run for a long time. She is in a foster home waiting for adoption .... she looks like a new dog.


Shabby Chic afterShabby Chic beforeShabby Chic

This is Shabby Chic (that's her name, because Sondra loves Shabby Chic and she is white). She was abandoned in a park in Hollywood and weighed about 4 lbs and was a matted mess... a year later... what a difference!