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Spot, Boomer, Luna and Ringo | Carla | Daisy

Spot, Boomer, Luna and Ringo

Boomer, Spot, Luna and Ringo

These dogs live together and sleep together... they also live with Krusty the Cat. There is no conflict with these dogs, infact the big problem is they are afraid of Krusty.

Here they are posing for their Christmas photos... all adopted rescue dogs. Ringo on the far right would not even attempt to walk when he was first rescued. He was so terrified and hand shy that he cowered like a pancake on the ground. We weren't sure he even possessed the physical ability to stand and walk. After Jay Jay, his owner adopted him she showered him with love and attention. This little guy loves dogs, cats, people, children and is the light of Jay Jay's life.

Spot, Boomer, Luna and Ringo  Spot, Boomer, Luna and Ringo


Carla the dog celebrating Christmas 2003 with her new owner, Cira.

Cira adopted Carla from Downtown Dog Rescue and because it was such a touching story, Animal Planet did a complete show on them. If you ever get a chance to see Animal Planet's "Adoption Tales" series, please look for "Carla's Story". Carla was found with bite marks all over her body because she had been used as a bite dog. Because she couldn't be trained to be mean, she was abandoned in downtown LA. Carla ended up living with a feral cat colony and sat and waited for food alongside all the cats. Her ears had been cut to where she hardly had any left.

Thanks to Downtown Dog Rescue and the wonderful couple that adopted her, Carla is living the good life and has her second chance.


Daisy, relaxing on her bed in her new home. Beautiful Daisy relaxing with her new friends and the neighbors dog.

Daisy was hit by a car and just left to die. She could not stand or walk. We rescued her from the streets and provided her with all the medical attention that she required.

After her long rehabilitation period, Daisy was adopted by Nancy Klein, who fell in love with her after hearing her story and meeting her. Daisy is the sweetest dog in the world and she is now living the second chance that she deserves.

Pitt Bull Misconceptions

The American Straffordshire or Pitt Bull, the Other Side of the Story

Friends for Animals and Downtown Dog Rescue come across alot of abandoned, abused, injured, neglected and sick American Staffordshire Terriers or Pitts. Some are pure breds and others are mixes.

Because this highly intelligent breed and the mixes have received so much negative publicity, they are often victims of abuse. There are those that want to train an animal to be viscious and scarey. This becomes a statement for certain individuals.

Any breed of dog that is abused, trained to be vicious, had their ears almost cut off to make them look meaner, is going to have some issues. All of the above does not just apply to The American Staffordshire Terrier breed. Any animal on this planet that has been terrorized day in and day out can end up with emotional issues and scars that may never go away. We all need to realize that these dogs are not born this way, they are trained to become viscious.

Since we are in the rescue business, we can tell you first hand that the BAD RAPP and NEGATIVE PUBLICITY that follows this breed is not accurate.

So we decided to show you in photos some of our rescues and how they are doing...they all have wonderful homes and they are nothing short of gorgeous animals, with a devoted and loving spirit.

We ask that you do some research on your own before you form negative and lifelong opinions about this breed. We need to give them a break and a chance to become dogs again.

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