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A Second Chance for these Special Animals.

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Dog Adoption Application | Cat Adoption Application (Coming Soon)

Friends for Animals has no kenneling facilities. We operate on a foster program basis, which enables our animals to go into a loving environment while receiving medical attention or whatever is needed for rehabilitation. Animals are fostered until they are adopted. We have no time limit on our adoptions. All potential adopters are screened in person and if they qualify, they are asked to sign an adoption agreement.

Friends Available for Adoption


Dog Adoption Application

Dogs of the Month

Beverly Hillbillies Beverly Hillbillies
Beverly Hillbillies, aka Jebbie and Virgil

Meet Beverly Hillbillies: These guys are extremely sweet and are brothers. They are Lab mixes and have that personality. One has alot of Brindle markings and the other is more black with some Brindle markings. These sweet boys are 4 months old and really need homes. They were abandoned along with their Mother in downtown Los Angeles. Please email info@friendsforanimals.org about them.

Bacchi Bacchi

Meet Bacchi: Beautiful Bacchi is a 3 year old mix that looks like a Dalmatian and a Beagle. She only weighs 30 pounds, which makes her quite small for a Dalmatian. This sweet girl is a WONDERFUL dog. She comes from a terrible background and is so appreciative of every ounce of love and attention showed to her. She loves other dogs and is good with kids and cats. This is truly a HAPPY, GO LUCKY type dog. She will be your best friend. Please fill out the dog application form on this site. Please email info@friendsforanimals.org and give Bacchi the SECOND CHANCE she deserves.

Kobe Adopted

Shorty Adopted

Meet Kobe: Kobe is a beautiful 14 pound Chihuahua and Beagle mix. This little guy is approximately 2 years old. Kobe is a true Lover Boy...he is personality plus and just a wonderful, perfect little guy. Someone really cared about Kobe at one time, but unfortunately found it necessary to dump him at a car wash in downtown Los Angeles. Please fill out the Dog Application Form. NO OUT OF STATE ADOPTIONS.

Meet Shorty: Shorty is really special..he weighs 35 pounds and is built like a Golden Retreiver, head, tail and the length of his body. His height is exactly like a Corgi. He is approximately 2 years old. This really loving, special dog was rescued from the mean streets of downtown Los Angeles. He is good with other dogs and loves, really loves people. If interested, please fill out the Dog Application Form. NO OUT OF STATE ADOPTIONS.


Cat Adoption Application (Coming Soon)

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