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The Hospital

We appreciate your visiting our friends and we appreciate your support and donations so we can keep it going.

Friends for Animals and Downtown Dog Rescue are committed to helping injured and abandoned animals. We believe that every animal that has been abused or injured deserves a SECOND CHANCE. We are here to see that it happens.


Doobie is a wonderful, loving sweet 8 year old German Shepherd mix. Unfortunately, while out for a walk with his owners, he was attacked by a stray dog.  It was stopped as soon as possible...unfortunately, the stray took off and poor Doobie got the worst of the situation. We were contacted and asked if we could provide medical assistant ...as of now, our boy is doing fine. If you would like to help us with Doobie's medical bill it would be more than appreciated.

Please go to the DONATE page to make your donation. Thank you.



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