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Downtown Dog Rescue Calendar

Downtown Dog Rescue

Our calendar is a wonderful gift for any animal lover... it's a touching tribute to our homeless animals and their guardians.

Our calendar was originally introduced in the Summer 2003 Publication of Doris Day's "ANIMAL GUARDIAN" Magazine.

The calendar is filled with fabulous professional photos (all donated) of our homeless guardians with their homeless dogs.

The funds for the calendars were donated by Lori Weise and Sondra Davis. We did not want to take funds away from our organization for anything other than helping our animals. Our donated funds are used for medical bills and on-going help for the animals. No one at "Friends for Animals" or it's "Downtown Dog Rescue Program" takes a salary. We are all volunteers.

We are asking a $20.00 donation (tax deductible for you) for the 2004 calendar... this donation goes towards helping other ABUSED, NEGLECTED, SICK AND ABANDONED animals that need our help.

You can email us regarding the calendar to ensure that you are on the list.

Thank you for all the kindness and love you've shown our rescued friends.
our Best,
Lori Weise and
Sondra Davis & Our very special FRIENDS

Downtown Dog Rescue

If you would like to make a donation online, please use Network for Good or Just