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Please spay and neuter your pet!  7 million dogs and cats are destroyed each year in the United States because there are not enough homes!

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Friends for Animals is a nonprofit organization totally dedicated to helping save the lives of abused, abandoned, neglected, sick and unwanted animals. Our goal is to provide the medical attention and complete rehabilitation necessary to insure that these animals are given the opportunity for a second chance.

Who We Are

Friends For Animals is a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to provide aid to animals in need. We are of the belief that no animal should have to suffer.

Our Objectives

To provide medical treatment, fostering and eventual adoption to homeless, abused and unwanted animals. To educate the public on the importance of spay/neuter programs in both English and Spanish. To encourage dog and cat owners to be responsible pet owners. To assist low-income and disabled people with their pet problems. To work with feral cats utilizing spay/neuter programs to prevent further overpopulation.

How We Operate

Friends For Animals has no kenneling facilities. We operate on a foster program. This enables our animals to go into a loving environment while receiving medical attention or whatever is needed for rehabilitation. Animals are fostered until they are adopted. We have no time limit on our adoptions. All potential adopters are screened in person and if they qualify, they are asked to sign an adoption agreement.

The Staff

The president has a 25 year background of dedication to animal rights. Having worked at all the major motion picture studios where feral cats were in abundance, along with abandoned and dumped animals, there was always a need for trapping, spay/neutering, fostering, relocating and dealing with sick and injured animals. All of the above were instrumental in the formation of Friends for Animals. The Board of Directors are all dedicated to animal rights and have a history of hands on rescue work. The volunteers are all experienced with feral cat trapping, dealing with abused animals and are all dedicated to animal welfare issues.

Sondra Davis, President
Sharon Irish, Secretary
Jacquelyn Cambas, Board Member
Toni Morgan, Board Member
Janice Hampton, Board Member